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Indefinite residence in


through investment in government bonds

New possibility to get
an Indefinite residence in the European Union

The Republic of Malta is a part of the European Union since 2004 and is a part of the Schengen area since 2007, in addition, is a part of the Commonwealth of Nations.

The Government of Malta launched Malta Residence & Visa Program through investments in government bonds on August 25, 2015.

The official concessionaire on the territory of Turkey is DISCUS HOLDINGS LTD

Malta in 2017

Government bonds credit
rating is


Economic growth
for the year 2017 was


Forecast for 2018 is


taxation is


The comfort and safety

of your well-being

Freedom of movement
and residence in Europe
for the whole family

With Indefinite residence of Malta you can reside indefinitely
in any country of the Schengen agreement

Tranquillity and confidence
in the future

The Indefinite resident of Malta receives a complete set of
EU citizens' rights, except for the right to vote and the
right to visa-free entry into the countries that are not
part of the Schengen agreement, and along
with this economic and political stability,
as well as social security

«The second home»

You may indefinitely reside in Malta and have the
opportunity at any time to go to Schengen
countries without visas and permits

Guaranteed by the state
return of investment

After 5 years, the entire amount of the investment is returned to you

Tax relief
for residents of Malta

The lack of taxation on private income derived outside Malta.
The agreement on the avoidance of double taxation

There are only four conditions

for participation in the program

which is regulated by
Subsidiary Legislation 217.18


in highly reliable Maltese
government bonds

250 000 €

for a period of 5 years.


to the state fund of

in the amount of

30 000 €

Purchase or rent

of a property in Malta
for your own use


about wealth

"Maltese Indefinite residence program through
investment in government bonds is
one of the best in Europe in terms of the amount
of investment and the related costs"

Laszlo Kiss, TEP, IMCM

Managing Director
Discus Holdings Ltd

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Investments EUR 250.000 EUR 300.000 EUR 500.000 EUR 500.000 EUR 512.000 2.000.000 pounds
EUR 70.000 EUR 65.000 EUR 20.000 EUR 20.000 EUR 35.000 30.000 pounds
А+ BB+ ВВВ+ ВВ+ from ВВ- to В from А to ААА
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HUNGARY € 300.000 € 65.000 BB+
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BULGARIA € 512.000 € 35.000 from ВВ- to В
UNITED KINGDOM £ 2.000.000 £ 30.000 from А to ААА

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presentation of the program

Officially authorized concessionaire on the
Malta Residence & Visa Program for Turkey

On February 16, 2016, the Government of Malta, thanks to many years of experience in the field of investment second citizenship and residency planning, positive reputation and an extensive structure of partners, also entrusted the company Discus Holdings with the exclusive concession right to represent Malta Residence & Visa Program trough investment to government bonds for Turkey.

Our employees are familiar with the characteristics and requirements of the immigration market
and will be able to provide professional assistance and support in the immigration process.


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+356 2778 0208

+356 2778 0208

Get detailed information

from a specialist of Discus Holdings